About Sophos Executive Leadership

We are a consortium of seasoned consultants and coaches who collaborate with companies at the individual, team, and organizational level in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness. The result from working in partnership with our clients, the ability to advise, develop, and coach the most senior members of their organizations, is a key factor in the long-term success of our clients’ business.

About the Sophos Name and Logo

The word Sophos (pronounced sof-os’) is Greek for "wise,” “wisdom,” or “skilled.” These are characteristics that we at Sophos Executive Leadership strive to embody as we work on our clients’ behalf through one-on-one or team coaching, as thought partners to CEOs and senior executives, or when conducting development programs or strategic offsites. Sophronia—a derivation of Sophos—is Sandra’s Greek name.

Delta, the symbol for the uppercase fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, is a triangle, and signifies change. Our logo contains four deltas leading upwards. The space between the triangles is a line that also climbs upwards, and connotes the fact that change is not linear; rather, it is a process. At Sophos Executive Leadership, our passion is to assist our clients during their change process as they learn, leverage, and lead, resulting in a transformative impact at the individual, team, and organizational level.

About Our Founder

Dr. Sandra Palmer draws upon over 25 years of leadership, adult learning, and business experience to help senior executives and management teams increase their interpersonal effectiveness and improve individual and organizational performance. Her results-oriented approaches, coupled with her keen insights concerning individual behavior, are supported by evidence-based research.

Clients comment on her ability to listen, synthesize quickly, and ask powerful, probing questions that may not have been previously considered, allowing new insights and formerly unassimilated thought patterns to emerge. Her collaborative critical thinking leads to the formation of creative actionable solutions. She has the distinct capacity to advise on business issues as well as interpersonal concerns, making a measurable difference in business outcomes. Sandra enjoys working with executives in transition, especially those new to senior management and those in executive leadership taking on greater responsibilites.

Sandra has experience both as an entrepreneur and within a corporate setting.  She was Vice President, Business Development for The Concours Group working with Fortune 500 executives from companies such as United Technologies, The Campbell Soup Company, Pfizer, Mass Mutual, Marriott Corporation, State Street Corporation, News Corporation, Thomas Reuters, and Staples. Before joining Concours, Sandra founded and led Executive Edge, a leadership consultancy. She has held positions at IBM and Drake Beam Morin. Sandra earned her doctorate from Columbia University. Her research was on executive coaching practices that led to sustainable interpersonal change.

Sandra Palmer